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Five reasons to get a CSU degree

Five reasons to get a CSU degree

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Starting a university degree is an exciting milestone in your life. You’ve completed all the necessary years of school to gain entry, and now it’s time to focus exactly what you want to get out of life – a career.

If you are looking for a job, then you’ll be happy to know a degree from CSU will set you on the right path. Here are five reasons why:

You don’t have to study on campus

Balance your study around your life, rather than the other way around. If a campus is too far for you to access conveniently, or you don’t want to be locked into a class schedule, no problem CSU has a solution.

You can study online, at your own pace, from wherever your heart fancies. Whether you’re keeping an eye on your young ones, or at the local park under a shaded tree, you can choose to study exactly when and where it suits you.

CSU offers more than 300 online courses, and gives you the same and support, whether you’re studying on campus or online.

CSU has an excellent graduate employment rate

The Australian Graduate Survey for 2015 showed 81 per cent of CSU’s Australian graduates found a job within four months of finishing their undergraduate degree – that’s 12 per cent above the national average!

Graduate Destinations Survey for the 2012-2014 found that 84.2 per cent of all graduates who were eligible for full-time work had achieved just that!

CSU also received the maximum five-star rating for both student retention and success getting a job in the 2016 edition of The Good Universities Guide.

So, you’re more likely to earn more…

It’s not just finding any old job – you want a job that will cover your living costs.

According to the 2014 Graduate Salaries report, CSU graduates started jobs with an average salary of AU$58,000 – this is 10 per cent higher than the national average of AU$52,500!

…which continues on for at least three years

Three years after attaining a CSU degree, CSU graduates’ average salary increased by AU$17,000!

Even three years later in the workforce, those with a CSU degree were still earning a median 7 per cent more than the average salary across Australia. These findings were pulled from the Beyond Graduation report of 2015, stating the average figure to be AU$75,000, an increase of AU$17,000 in just three years. This amounts to more than $5,000 each year – pay rise, anyone?

You’ll be work-ready when you graduate

CSU currently has an estimated graduate population of around 170,000 people. We are proud to say many of them have entered their industries with highly relevant and adaptable skills. This is because at least 60 per cent of the courses offered at CSU provide an opportunity for workplace learning, ensuring you’re well prepared for a full-time job when you finish your degree.

You’ll know what you’re getting into, and while as a recent graduate you’re likely still finding your feet, it’ll be much easier with some experience of what the industry will throw at you.

This can help you determine the rest of your study path, having experienced the workplace first-hand. Many times, placements and work experience can be a determining-factor in considering the future pursuits of a career.

If these five reasons are tickling your fancy, definitely check out this page packed full of information for future students.

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