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The CSU Bucket List

The CSU Bucket List

CSU Bucket List. How many can you tick off?

We want you to make the most of your university experience at CSU, which is why your fellow students have complied the ultimate CSU Bucket List. Whether you study on campus or online, there are some things you must do at least once while completing your degree!

How many experiences can you tick off during your time at CSU?

Start networking: Your peers are the first people you will meet in your profession. Connect with people in your course – they could become your best mate, or possibly help you get a job one day

Embrace the student discount!: Cheap train and bus fares, movie tickets and pub meals don’t last forever – make the most of the deals while you can!

Find out what keeps you going: Whether it’s an inspirational quote on your wall or reading the success stories of CSU Alumni before you, establish what motivates you at the beginning, because it will help you all the way through your degree

Join a club: CSU has clubs that cater to all quirks and interests. Wherever your passions lie, there will be something for you (and if not, start your own club!)

Catch up with the CSU Outreach team: If you’re studying online, a friendly face who understands your experience could be just what you need to stay on track. Keep an eye out for the Outreach team visiting a town near you. You’ll benefit from study support and boost your academic skills, plus you’ll have the chance to meet other online students who live in your area

Get a high distinction: This is something you should do for yourself – it feels SO good!

Travel in your holidays: Make the most of those uni breaks and if you’re interested in travelling – while you study – CSU Global is your destination

Have plenty of ‘study food’: It’s always handy to have the food you love close by, especially during stressful periods such as exams! Try to eat healthy and nutritious snacks to keep your energy levels high. Although it’s always good to have the block of chocolate on standby for that delicious sugar hit!

Set up your study space: From the comfort of your own home or in your campus bedroom, create your own study space that will assist you in kicking your academic goals! Stick up a mind map or hundreds of sticky notes – it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s your inspiration station!

Find the perfect cup of coffee: This is critical to ensuring your sanity during your studies. Whether it’s on campus or in your local neighbourhood, find it and you have struck gold

Find your balance: Take your studies seriously, but keep it on par with your social life and exercising – keep mentally and physically fit.

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