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To-do list or not to-do-list? That is the question…

To-do list or not to-do-list? That is the question…


I am writing this in capital letters because, seriously, HOW GOOD ARE TO-DO LISTS!?

Writing down daily goals or tasks can offer great motivation and direction to keep you on track. The jobs might be colossal assessments, or menial such as doing the grocery shopping, but by having them written down they offer great focus and self-accountability – not to mention the brilliant sense of achievement as you tick them off!

Not actively ‘listing’ yet? That’s okay, because I offer you the-ultimate-to-do-list-list-of-why-you-should-do-a-to-do-list:

  • The feeling of accomplishment of ticking off tasks ✓

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  • Maximum motivation – you will go into productivity overdrive, because you’ll want to keep on ticking those boxes! ✓

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  • No task will ever be forgotten because everything is written down in front of you ✓

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  • You will be super, dooper, ridiculously, organised – you can plan your life (well some of it!) because you know what’s coming up ✓

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  • You will feel heightened confidence because of your strong willpower at getting things done ✓

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SO MANY BENEFITS! So grab a sheet of paper, or download one of the many million phone apps and start to-do listing! You’ll thank me for it, I promise (future ✓)

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