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Final year students, listen up!

Final year students, listen up!


Oh dear, it’s the second half of session two… for final year students it can no longer be avoided – it’s grown up time.

So what do you need to do to sort your life out? According to the CSU Careers Timeline, there might be a little bit of work ahead for you – but there’s still time, don’t stress:

  1. Apply to graduate! It’s easy, so stop procrastinating – you’ve just got to fill in a form.
  2. Self-discovery – figure out what you want to do? What you’re good at? What are your key employability skills?
  3. Start searching the open and hidden job market! Did you know that around 60% of jobs are not publicly advertised – how scary is that? So put on your spy glasses, and start investigating where these job opportunities are at!
  4. Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, do MORE research. Get to know what this employer wants in order tailor your application and impress them!
  5. Write up a schmick resume and cover letter. This is incredibly important as this is the first impression a prospective employer will have of you – so make it a good one!
  6. GET RID OF ALL YOUR BOOZE INDUCED/PDA/EMBARRASSING FACEBOOK POSTS. They will absolutely Google you, and let’s be honest – nobody wants to hire the silly drunk girl. Keep it clean, and put it on private setting!
  7. Interview time (yay!), now don’t freak out – the key to success is confidence, and the key to confidence is knowledge and practice. So test yourself, get someone to ask you questions, or embrace the fancy tech of Interview Stream.
  8. Repeat steps 3-8 until you get that job you’ve been searching for. It might take some time, some tears, and some hard work, but if you persist, eventually you will get there!
  9. Revel in the success of your new grown-up life!

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