First, you must organise your study space; try keeping it clean and neat,

This is important for those weary days when you’re about to admit defeat.
Your room can easily get cluttered amongst the daily bump and grind
And so an inviting study space will help to clear your mind.

Animation: Homer Simpson paging through a book

Next, try organising a study group with a roommate or a friend,
I am sure they’ll appreciate your company when they’re coming to their wits end.
A study group is beneficial because you can share your thoughts and ideas
And hopefully support each other to ensure there are no tears!

An important part of study is to snack on good ‘brain food’,
It’s important to have lots of energy to help increase your mood.
We can all fall into the trap of craving unhealthy treats
But it’s essential that you balance these out with veggies and lean meats!

Animation: Dancing cartoon food characters

It’s also a good idea to increase your water intake,
If you keep your fluids up your body will feel great!
I am sure you’re aware water’s good for your body and your brain
Just think of all the extra knowledge your mind will retain!

At the end of the day you could read every book on the shelf,
But the most important thing is to relax and be confident in yourself.
Don’t stress if you may make mistakes, it really is okay
After all, most people learn the best that way!

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