It would suck to miss your ride and end up late,
Just because you forgot your sticker update!
The 2014 concession stickers have officially served their time,
So get organized now or risk getting a fine!

For those of you asking, what does a concession card do?
Boy, do I have good news for you!
As a student it’s understandable your wallet is light,
So basically, a concession sticker is your right!
It’s a little piece of heaven that you stick on your card,
It helps makes your life just a little less hard.

Get half priced fares on your bus or train,
As well as other endless discounts – who would complain?
Fancy a movie? Most cinemas, you’ll get it half price,
Mmm, some student priced popcorn that would be nice!

celebrate, cheer on, cheering, fist pump, hell yes, woop woop, yes

This magic sticker will be your best friend,
Just remember, every 12 months the fun comes to an end.
Stay cool, it’s okay, they’re easy to renew,
However the reality is it’s up to you!

Thankfully, the new sticker will be of no cost,
(Unless of course your student card has been lost).
It’s a simple process and one you won’t regret,
Just think of all the discounts you’ll get!
So stop what you’re doing and get it out of the way,
Ask Student Central for a sticker today!

bills, money, rich, riches

For more information check out the CSU Travel Concessions page

You can also save time by filling out this application form first: