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CSU Mentoring needs you!

CSU Mentoring needs you!

The Charles Sturt University Student Mentoring Program is available to assist first year students settle into university life. New students (Mentees) can request a CSU student mentor who acts as a point of call for first year students – sharing their experiences and helping with the transition to university. Communications student Megan Pigram is just one of the many mentors currently helping to make someone else’s life easier through the Student Mentoring Program. When Megan heard about the program, she jumped at the chance to help others through their stressful and overwhelming first year.

As a Communication student, Megan is only matched with first year students in her course which means she can offer assistance with assessments and provide other course related information.

“It is honestly as rewarding for me as it is my first years, I get so much out of the program and it allows me to really give back to those who need assistance. After all – I was a first year once and I know how overwhelming it is,” says Megan.

After being matched with a first year student, Mentors and their Mentees share emails, text messages and phone calls whenever they are needed.

“Because everyone’s university experience is different no topic is off limits, i’ve been able to share information on everything from exam tips to signing up for a CSU netball team. All aspects of student life at CSU are covered in the Mentor program which really helps not only the first years learn – but myself as well,” says Megan.

When you become a Mentor you’re not only just helping the first year students you are matched with – you are helping the entire university. Because the Student Mentoring Program assists so many first year students and their queries, the program means less contact with Student Central and other support programs.

The Mentor program is only functional through the continual support and assistance of returning students and their desire to help others, that is why the program needs YOU!

Find out more about Mentoring @ CSU and how you can apply as either a Mentor or Mentee – visit the Student Mentoring page.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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