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CSU Complaints Policy and Procedures

CSU Complaints Policy and Procedures

As a student at Charles Sturt University you are encouraged to make yourself familiar with the following policy and procedures, should you require assistance addressing university-related problems, complaints or concerns:

Complaints Policy

Complaints Procedures – Students

You have a right to be heard – and we have a responsibility to listen

Aims of an effective complaints management system:

A good system will strive to resolve most complaints swiftly and as close to the source of the problem as possible. A complainant will not be disadvantaged through lodging a complaint in good faith, regardless of the outcome. A good system will use complaints as a quality improvement tool.

The complaints management process:

  1. Identify your problem, then:
  2. Approach the other stakeholder and try to work it out between you. If that is not successful, then:
  3. Take the matter another step up and seek advice or assistance from your Lecturer, Course Coordinator, or the Manager of the section. If you have still not reached a resolution, then:
  4. Seek advice or assistance from Student Central or The University Ombudsman.
  5. If you remain dissatisfied you can seek an Internal Review. If that is not satisfactory then you may seek review by an external agency e.g. NSW Ombudsman.
  6. Evaluate the outcome and use it as a tool for change or quality assessment.
  7. Learn from the issue as an individual and as an organisation.

For further assistance please contact Student Central or the University Ombudsman at

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