By Sophie MacCue

Ten hot tips to help you save your pennies this summer! As a uni student, I admit it’s hard to save for next years uni life while enjoying the summer break at the same time. Why not try some of these not-so-conventional ways to save those extra dollars?

1. “Clubs are just as fun without paying for drinks on top!”

Man and woman sitting at a bar ignoring each other

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

2. There’s no such thing as the five-second rule

Bowl of cereal falling to the ground

Alexander Nicholson via Getty Images “It’s still good to go!”

3 You’ve got so many loyalty cards your purse/wallet is bursting at the seams

Wallet with lots of cards

Image Source via Getty Images

4. You shower in your clothes – saves using the washing machine

Man showering outside

Chris Ryan via Getty Images

5. You have a massive tower of money-off vouchers in your room that are on the verge of toppling over and drowning you

Collection of vouchers

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

6. You somehow manage to make a single teabag last for a week

Teabag held over a cup

Alex and Laila via Getty Images Sign of a true Brit

7. You refuse to go food shopping until every last item of food is gone – baked beans on crisps, anyone?

Empty fridge with only an apple on the shelf

burak pekakcan via Getty Images “NOW I can go food shopping…”

8. Shampoo and washing up liquid are basically the same thing – they both clean stuff, right?

Woman washing her hair

Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images Lemony fresh

9. All of your shoes are falling apart? Tape them up!

Shoes with worn soles

Kr?ger-Gross Fotografie via Getty Images Whack out the masking tape, problem solved

10. You seriously considered buying tins of dog food for yourself because they were on offer

Tins of pet food

I am I.A.M./Flickr They’re very nutritious, honest!