By Sophie MacCue

Charles Sturt University Bathurst is soon to host the biggest Village Fair yet! But who is behind the project? We caught up with the VF2014 student team to find out more.

One week out and the countdown has begun with Village Fair taking place on September 20, brought back to where it belongs, the uni grounds!

The Launch party was held at Rafters Bar Thursday, 14 August where the line up for the festival was announced, amongst the talent are Aussie hip-hop legends, Thundamentals.

We caught up with the student team that is working hard behind the scenes to make sure Bathurst puts on a killer show!



Name: Jack Thomson

Year of study: 4thyear

Course: Theatre Media

VF Committee position: Production Manager

Why isVF14 different to any other year? All I can say is change is coming. This year looks to be bigger and better than all the Village Fairs before.

Without giving too much away, what can we look forward to? We have quite a few surprises up our sleeves along with two stages, an inside DJ tent, a VIP area (with heaps of added extras) along with a killer line-up. This will defiantly be a year to remember in the hectic history of Village Fair.


Name: Kelli Smith

Year of study: 3rdyear

Course: Advertising/ Marketing

VF Committee position: Marketing and Promotions Manager

Why did you get involved on the committee? I was really keen to work on a real project and I have loved Village Fair during my time in Bathurst. It was just a great opportunity to work in my studied area and have fun.

What memories do you have from past Village Fairs? So many memories! Trekking through the waist high grass to get there, Twisted Chips and pre-festival jelly shots in the dorm.



Name: Nathaniel Smith

Year of study: 2nd Year

Course: Business Marketing

VF Committee position: Volunteer/Accreditation Manager

What memories do you have from past Village Fairs? Everyone getting excited first thing in the morning about the great day ahead.

Why are you excited about VF14? It’s the 40th anniversary and we’re aiming to make it the best one yet- its back at the Uni grounds, and it’s great to know that I had an impact in the planning. Also the VIP Tent and a great line-up! Love the addition of a Launch Party at Rafters and I always love that tickets are so cheap!



Name: Rhys Power

Year of study: 5th Year

Course: Public Relations

VF Committee position: Entertainment manager

Why are you excited about VF14? The artists are killer



Name: Jeremy Rubel

Year of study: 2nd

Course: BA Communications Theatre/Media

VF Committee Position: Site Manager

Why did you get involved in the committee? To gain experience and insight into the process of gathering resources and executing a professional event.

Why are you excited about VF 2014? I’m excited about the 40thyearanniversary. I’m a bit of a history buff so anniversaries excite me! I’m looking forward to all the past posters and the vibe that it should create!

Buy your Village Fair Tickets NOW @ Moshtix and VIP tickets at CSU Bathurst Cashiers to see Thundamentals live on September 20 – General admission is $50 and VIP tickets are $65