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Dear HSC results - come at me bro.


By Emily Foy-Brown After years of boring material (I’m talking to you algebra – WHY DO YOU EVEN EXIST?), trying to stay awake in class, highlighting textbooks in their entirety, homework (or excuses) and of course the hormonal friends...

Traditional hat toss.

Things you CAN do with an Arts Degree

As I recently discovered on a night out, while minding my own business might I add, that the hardest part of doing an arts degree is fielding all of the questions about what you’re going to do with it and why you are ‘wasting your...

Graduation grants up for grabs!

Graduating this December? I suggest you hurry on up and apply for the CSU Graduation Equity Grant, which closes on Sunday 6 December!! (tick-tock-tick-tock) This handy source of cash is designed to assist graduating students of 2015 with some of...

NSW Country Eagles Internship Program 2015

Seeking work experience opportunities in Session 2? CSU’s partnership with the NSW Country Eagles is continuing in 2015 and the club is currently inviting CSU students to join their internship program in the lead up to and during the National Rugby...

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